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Leto (2018)

Leto (2018) Roast, Leningrad summer of 1981 turned out to be a landmark in the creative and personal life of the local talented musician Victor and his best friend Leonid. It was then that he and his friend, resting on the beach, met with the charismatic and self-confident leader of the rock group "Zoo" Mike Naumenko. The musician, playing the guitar, performs songs of his own authorship, and, judging by the admirable retorts he has gathered, he is one of the most successful personalities entering the so-called Leningrad Rock Club, which gathered a considerable number of talented people.

Without thinking much of Victor, having consulted with Lenya, also deciding to show off his own songs to the accompaniment of his friend's guitar, he sings his songs that Muka Naumenko loves madly. The musician, who as it turned out later, has his own rock group "Zoo" offers new friends acquaintance. This is how the formation of the future icon of young Soviet listeners Victor Tsoi, the founder of a cult band in the post-Soviet space called "Kino" began. On the way to this success, Choi had to go through many difficulties and obstacles that more than once cast doubt on the career of the future star, but in spite of the fact that the Leningrad nugget overcame everything ...


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Leto (2018)

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Leto (2018)

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