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Rodin (2017)

Rodin (2017) Authors of the biographical film "Rodin" offer their viewers to see the life story of a French sculptor, who became one of the recognized creators of sculpture in its modern form. This is a story about the ascent of a genius sculptor to the very top of the world's art and creativity.

Events begin to develop in youth, when François Auguste Rodin felt a sincere interest in creativity. However, he did not immediately turn to sculpture. Beginning as a decorator, he was able to achieve success and find a means of earning. However, in adulthood, he began to move away from his profession and was carried away by sculpture. Finding himself in a new role, he received world recognition as an innovator who made a lot of incredible discoveries, which are used today. Rodin achieved mastery in conveying the emotional state of his characters and heroes, thanks to the use of unique artistic means.

Look on our site biopic "Rodin" online and you will see the history of not only a genius who influenced the world art, but also a simple person with emotions, feelings, impressions and desires.


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Rodin (2017)

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Rodin (2017)

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