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Con Man (2018)

Con Man (2018) At the center of the biographical film "Con Man" is Barry Minkow, a young man who wants fame and money. School teachers never considered him a brilliant child, but he studied with varying success. And all because of the fact that Barry did not dream about studying, but about real business. It is for this reason that at the age of fifteen he decides to take his first credit in life. After going to the bank, he gets fifteen hundred dollars. It is these funds that are the starting point for his carpet cleaning company.

It takes some time, but it does not bring the desired Barry profit. To make ends meet and not lose business, he starts turning simple, but illegal schemes. Drawn, he begins to develop a serious plan, which, it seems to him, will help to get millions of dollars. After making the decision, Barry proceeds to one of the most grandiose scams. He arranges an incredible performance nationwide and forges tens of thousands of documents.

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Con Man (2018)

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Con Man (2018)

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