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UFO (2018)

UFO (2018) Derek is considered one of the best students in the walls of the school. At the same time, the guy is seriously interested in studying unidentified flying objects. He traced the clear relationship between the latest events in the United States of America, and therefore one hundred percent sure that this is the work of aliens. Only strangers could leave a similar characteristic trail. Unfortunately, others question all the versions advanced by the beginning researcher. In order to prove the opposite of the main character, it is necessary to make a number of calculations and to establish the linkages between emergency situations at different airports for certain.

He was assisted by his teacher, a professor of mathematical sciences and a beloved girl. They plan to initiate an independent investigation in order to unravel the complex puzzles and answer the questions posed until the unanswered. The like-minded people did not intend to base their assumptions, since no one believed in their theory of the presence of extraterrestrial races. That's why we needed a detailed evidence base, documented. For this purpose, it is necessary to visit all airports and to interview possible witnesses.


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UFO (2018)

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UFO (2018)

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