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Before Someone Gets Hurt (2018)

Before Someone Gets Hurt (2018) Some bloody secrets from the past are best left unsolved. With this statement, absolutely disagrees Tim, the show's producer of the paranormal phenomena. With a professional team, he is preparing to shoot in an abandoned house, where there were 14 unsolved brutal murders. For Tim and his friends a few nights in the accursed mansion - another fun adventure. But it's worth it for the guys to set up cameras - and an unknown evil sleeping in an abandoned house starts killing members of the crew one by one ...

What terrible secrets does the murderer house? Will at least someone stay alive? Find out yourself by watching "No one is injured" online! The film will be especially liked by fans of non-standard horror films and unorganized shooting. A fascinating plot, live cameras and original director's techniques will please even the sophisticated fans of the genre.


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Before Someone Gets Hurt (2018)

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Before Someone Gets Hurt (2018)

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