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The Open House (2018)

The Open House (2018) The Wallis family was fine. Only once the head of the family Brian went for milk and got into a terrible accident. His widow, Naomi, can not afford to pay rent. So she accepts Alison's offer to live in her country house. This dwelling is located far from the metropolis in a picturesque area. Naomi and her son, the teenager Logan, go to a provincial town. True Alison put one condition - the house is put up for sale, so every Sunday from 10 to 17 o'clock it will be inspected by buyers. Already along the way, there was a nuisance. The car Naomi nearly knocked down a man who was calmly standing on the road.

The house was large and comfortable, only something strange was happening in it. The cell phone itself is ringing, the water is flowing from under the heater and many more are causing questions. Martha's elderly neighbor behaves strangely. Only the seller of the next store Chris treats the new tenants kindly. As described in the movie "The Open House", gradually everyone realized that someone outsiders are trying to make something worse in the home. Called the police can not help. Soon an unknown man enters the house and the worst begins.


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The Open House (2018)

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The Open House (2018)

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