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Burning (2018)

Burning (2018) Being the son of a poor farmer, Chon-su in the film "Burning" dreamed of breaking out of poverty and moving to a metropolis. After studying for a literary man, he left the province. Once in the city, the young man realized that his diploma was absolutely not in demand. In order not to return to the village, he takes a job. His salary is barely enough for a removable room. Once walking along the streets, the guy meets a fellow villager. He-mi. The girl who made the plastic surgery, became a real beauty. But in her career she still has no luck. It works as a cheap model and is taken for unprofitable contracts.

Soon the young lady flies to Africa. Before the trip, she begs Chon-su to look after her cat. The young man who fell in love with the model, tries to please her and agrees to take care of the animal. After a while, He-mi returns to his native Korea. A desperate friend sets out to tell her about his feelings. But it turns out that the beauty, being in a foreign country, fell in love with Ben's fat bunny. Deciding to fight for her lover, a penniless writer enters into a confrontation with a rich competitor.


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Burning (2018)

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Burning (2018)

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