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Sara's Notebook (2018)

Sara's Notebook (2018) Laura's younger sister, Sarah, a volunteer in the humanitarian mission in Kampala, disappeared during her three-week trip through Central Africa. After a while, European journalists who watched the camp of the Congolese rebels managed to make and publish several photographs, one of which Laura identified as the disappearing Sarah. Having found hope, the woman once again flies to Uganda.

The earlier attempts to act through state organizations did not lead to anything, so Laura turns to the private person. Sergio Rojas in the film "Notepad Sarah" provides various intermediary services for a solid reward. A compatriot of a rich Spanish woman promises to find Sarah in the province of Kivu, where Congolese thugs are waging war for coltan deposits. But the woman has every reason to suspect Roxas in an unfair game. The diary of Sarah, left in the mission among her personal belongings, helps to reduce the acquaintance with the former lover of her sister. Together with Sven, Laura sits on a plane bound for the Congo for another consignment of coltan, and flies to search independently.


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Sara's Notebook (2018)

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Sara's Notebook (2018)

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