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Climax (2018)

Climax (2018) The film "Climax" tells about the consequences of unrestrained craving for immoral entertainment. Mid-90-ies of the last century. Closed boarding school, located in the most frequent forest, away from civilization. It has long been no one inhabits, and gloomy rooms are fraught with terrible secrets about what happened here once. It is rumored that the institution conducted illegal experiments on children, which led to the penetration of dark forces here. All those who remained alive fled from here, and then tried in every possible way to forget the experience. The case was not widely publicized, it managed to be hushed up, and the perpetrators went unpunished.

Wanting to train in unusual conditions, one day a group of street dancers arrive at the school. They do not believe rumors, but the aura of mystery attracts and inflames their imagination. These people are going to rehearse here for three days, but quickly forget about their own goals and arrange a grand party. All night long, rhythmic music plays, the sea is pouring down the river, men and women slowly go on to using narcotic drugs. Suddenly, inexplicable phenomena begin to occur. Some seem to be transferred to a real paradise, others experience unbearable infernal agony. Watch the movie "Climax" to find out what this night will lead to.


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Climax (2018)

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Climax (2018)

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