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Rafiki (2018) To get into trouble by the very ears, it is enough to render at the wrong time, in the wrong place. The film "Rafiki" tells the story of a couple in love, who accidentally fell into the whirlpool of dangerous events.
 Brea Stevens is a professional journalist who specializes in her own investigations. One day she takes a vacation to spend it with her beloved John Wilson. By car they go on a long trip to a house on the sea coast. The guy plans to have a good rest and make an offer to his chosen one. The holiday promises to be rich and joyful.
But on the way something extraordinary happens. At the gas station a couple stumbles upon a local gang. Their aggressive behavior threatens with trouble. John is not a man of the timid ten and can stand up for himself. Brea Stevens meets a girl in the toilet who behaves very strange. Lovers in a hurry leave the gas station, but they are pursued by a huge yellow tractor. After all the trouble John and Brea rest in the house. Suddenly, a bell rings. Strange girl with refueling time to hide in a bag Brea mobile phone. The journalist understands that the gang that follows the trail is engaged in human trafficking. See the movie "Rafiki" about a story that can happen to anyone.

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