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Deadly Matrimony (2018) Sarah Ross gets acquainted with the perfect man - the irresistible handsome Leo, satisfying the notions of a worthy companion of life. Without memory, a loving girl, inspired by happiness, readily accepts a proposal to enter into a legal marriage with a beautiful woman who has mutual affection for her. The young wife is immensely happy, enjoying every moment spent in the company of her beloved husband, who is invariably the object of lust for the surrounding ladies, who have unconcealed envy of the lucky woman who managed to get an enviable groom. After some time of coexistence, the ideal picture created by the girl's imagination starts to acquire completely different, ugly shades, not combined with the notion of true, family well-being and joyful existence.
At first Sarah begins to notice some oddities in the behavior of her husband, who has changed somewhat after the wedding. Suspicions of the unusualness of the circumstances are amplified and lead to the desire to clarify the truth. Soon it becomes obvious that a frivolous woman became a victim of a cruel scam, falling in love with selflessly a scoundrel who uses the confidence and weakness of the representatives of the opposite sex for personal purposes. She clearly realizes that she lives with a heartless scam who is ready for any action when she strives to achieve her goals. For him, human life has no value. Shocked and depressed by the hopelessness of the situation, Sarah begins to realize that she can lose her life after a time at the hands of the hypocritical Leo, who ruthlessly removes obstacles, on the way to accomplishing the next task.

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