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The Gateway (2018)

The Gateway (2018) At the very beginning of watching the fantastic film "The Gateway", the viewer gets acquainted with Jane Chandler and her assistant Regg, experienced scientists who follow the hypothesis that there are parallel universes. They are sure that somewhere in the space-time continuum one can find the similarity of the Earth. And now they want to create a unique portal that can move people to this place. If they can succeed, then mankind will be able to master many new worlds.

The main characters are close to a breakthrough in their studies, as they managed to dematerialize some objects. However, they can not materialize them in any way. The situation becomes even more complicated when Jane's husband dies as a result of an accident. Being in a depressed state, the heroine returns to her two children. At this point, she comes up with an idea that explains that the things they teleported are not dematerialized. Jane is sure that they are sent to the parallel universe and remain there. Using her ingenuity, the heroine is going to prove it.

Do you like fantastic stories? Then the film "The Gateway" can cause considerable interest. Enjoy watching.


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The Gateway (2018)

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The Gateway (2018)

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