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The Con Is On (2018)

The Con Is On (2018) At the very beginning of watching the movie "The Con Is On" we get acquainted with a British couple, enthusiastic gambling. Lovers are confident that sooner or later they will be overtaken by luck, but so far they have only lost. With every day their gambling debt grows, but the chances to win back are getting smaller. At some point the debt becomes indecently huge. As a result, the local Mafiosi, to whom they must, declares that either they find means, or can prepare for brutal retribution.

Frightened, the main characters flee to America. And soon they are in Los Angeles. But they are not going to lie down and wait until everything is settled. They like a luxurious life, so the characters are not going to throw it. A couple is developing a plan that will help them steal unique jewelry. After that, they are going to sell them, and spend money to distribute debts and a luxurious life. However, this is not as easy as it seems. And already from the very beginning of the heroes begin to pursue failure.

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The Con Is On (2018)

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The Con Is On (2018)

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