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In Darkness (2018)

In Darkness (2018) At the very beginning of watching the movie "In Darkness" we get acquainted with Sophia, a young girl who has long lost her sight. She has already become accustomed to her blindness and has learned to navigate the world around her. Problems with the eyes led to the fact that her hearing was greatly aggravated. And now she is able to hear what other people do not hear. At first Sofia sees this as a gift, since this ability helps her to make music, but she still does not know what it can lead to.

Action begins at a time when she, being in her apartment, accidentally overhears the struggle of people in the apartment above. When loud noises cease, Sophia realizes that the murder of Veronica, her neighbors, has occurred. This event is the beginning of a gloomy journey, which pulls out of the habitual life. In a moment, Sophia is drawn into the shadow world of criminal London. She has to face Veronika's father, who is accused of war crimes. Simultaneously, the heroine encounters hired assassins, mafiosi and dirty cops.

Look on the online film site "In Darkness" and you will find out what will come of it.


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In Darkness (2018)

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In Darkness (2018)

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