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The Titan (2018)

The Titan (2018) The events of the film "The Titan" begin to develop at a time when it becomes clear that the Earth is facing a serious environmental disaster. And when it happens, the population of the planet will die. It is necessary urgently to think up something, otherwise the human race will be erased from the face of the Earth. The best scientists from all over the world are beginning to develop a secret experiment, the goal of which is to create a superman capable of surviving in any conditions.

When the studies are coming to an end, the scientists begin to conduct a practical experiment. Of the volunteers, a US military man named Rick Janssen is selected. A brave pilot has excellent health, so he is an ideal candidate. Scientists are conducting an experiment on a classified British base and are soon beginning to study the consequences. The results exceed all expectations. Rick becomes a superman. However, later strange side effects appear that threaten him, his family and even the existence of all mankind.

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The Titan (2018)

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The Titan (2018)

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