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Fishbowl California (2018)

Fishbowl California (2018) Events of the film "Fishbowl California" introduces the viewer to the lazy, but at the same resourceful and sincere loser Rodney. Recently, the guy is experiencing a series of life troubles and failures. First, the young man lost his rented apartment because of non-payment, and soon and completely forced his beloved girl in bed with another guy. Of course, there's nowhere to go to the hero, and therefore Rodney sleeps in his own car, charging the mobile phone from an external outlet of a neighboring house.

It is clear that such a parasitic lifestyle of the guy could not last long. And really soon the owner of the house an elderly woman named June randomly finds out that Rodney brazenly steals her electricity. Immediately there is a scandal in the course, which the woman threatens to call the police. However, the young man managed to persuade the noisy lady not to call the police, and also learned that after the death of her husband she fell into a real depression guy, offers her a compromise to wring the weeds, weed the flower beds in the neglected garden neighbor. After a moment's thought, June agrees and soon Rodney moves to her, taking care of the old woman in every possible way.


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Fishbowl California (2018)

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Fishbowl California (2018)

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