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Nostalgia (2018)

Nostalgia (2018) The authors of the dramatic film "Nostalgia" offer their viewers to see a series of stories in which the characters try to feel the forgotten memories. And everything begins with an acquaintance with two siblings, who, despite their young age, still bicker and tease each other as if they never left adolescence. Then we get acquainted with the woman who runs the school. She has to reconsider her position regarding education, because one girl tells her that there is no point in learning the material if it can be found online.

After that, we are offered a story about the widower Ronnie, who does not want to part with the things stored in his small house in Los Angeles. They are of great importance to him, but others are sure that he needs to get rid of old memory. Ronnie visits a sympathetic insurance expert Daniel. At the same time, we are getting to know a widow named Helen. She wanders through the ashes and rubble to the places that she and her husband called home for the last thirty years.

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Nostalgia (2018)

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Nostalgia (2018)

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