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The Final Wish (2018)

The Final Wish (2018) The tragic event returns Aaron home after a long absence. The guy is going to say goodbye to his dead father, support his mother and rush off to a more free and promising life. A widow desperately mourns a spouse, refuses to believe in the loneliness that has come. An unhappy woman constantly asks a higher power to fulfill her “The Final Wish” at any cost. Sorting out the old trash in the attic, the heir discovers a strange ancient bowl. A rather battered product is kept in the father's things, but the relatives do not know the origin of this find. Suddenly, the item found has a serious impact on households.

The elderly mistress examines the thicket, and mentally whispers a prayer for the return of her husband. Damned antique thing fulfills the dream of the owner, turning her dull days into a holiday. One day, the son notices that the parent often locks herself in the barn and communicates with a stranger man. The poor man looks into a semi-ravaged building and sees his parents reunited, but instead of a vigorous and alive father, there is a figure of a living dead man with posthumous stains and glassy eyes. The nightmare does not give the guy peace and soon he will learn about a series of other revolts of the dead in his hometown. The heir understands that demonic forces are involved in the sinister phenomena.


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The Final Wish (2018)

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The Final Wish (2018)

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