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Adult Life Skills (2016)

Adult Life Skills (2016) Comedy Skills of adult life tells of a 29-year-old Anna, who was soon to be 30 years old. The girl lives in her mother's barn and spend a lot of time alone. Anna does not like the work she has to go to every day. But she can not change it. One day, her mother puts an ultimatum to make her new beautiful hairstyle, bought herself new things and changed her life for the better. The main character is not against it, but does not know how exactly this can be done.

The film Adult Life Skills (2016) shows that Anne's only friend is an 8-year-old boy who loves watching westerns. The main character understands that she really needs to change something in her life, but she doesn't understand where to start. A girl in her years should already create her own family and think about children. However, she has little time for a date, as she often sits in a barn and tries to record cartoons on video, where the main characters are her own fingers. One day, the main character tries to meet a young man, but this is not very good for her. But how her family will try to change Anna, making her beautiful, you should watch the movie online.


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Adult Life Skills (2016)

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Adult Life Skills (2016)

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