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Summertime Dropouts (2019)

Summertime Dropouts (2019) Elena understood that she had the power to destroy these werewolves that had harmed peaceful people, and she did. Now every day of her life was sent to hunt for werewolves, but for a long time the girl did not have enough. Elena understood that she still lacked something and decided once and for all to completely end the life of a woman who turns into a werewolf. She left her pack, although it was not easy to do, even left the city in which she had previously lived, to radically change everything.

The girl came to Toronto and began to try to live life, like all ordinary people, she really wanted to become a normal person, with a normal human life. Of course, to completely abandon some of the habits of his nature is very hard, but Elena's sense of purpose every time helped her with this.


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Summertime Dropouts (2019)

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Summertime Dropouts (2019)

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