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The Rhythm Section (2019) The Patrick family never traveled separately. All weekend, trips out of town, just a walk in the park was held in full force. Stephanie always took care of her relatives, trying to create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and mutual understanding in the house. There was no such relationship with her husband among the other acquaintances. Friends kindly envied the couple, and tried to imitate them in everything. The couple worked in prestigious jobs to provide children with a decent future, and nothing seemed to spoil their almost perfect existence. They had to fly to another country, but at the last moment Steph was forced to stay at the airport, and then completely abandon the flight. Staying in the city in the evening on all news channels, she heard the terrible news of the crash of an airliner, and the death of all those present on board. On that fateful day, her life was divided into two parts, before the death of dear people and after.

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