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Nawabzaade (2018)

Nawabzaade (2018) The life of three guys flowed measuredly and routinely in a romantic Indian comedy. But in an instant, everything around them changed colors. Abhishek, Karan and Salim met on their way a charming girl Sheetal. At first glance, the hearts of the guys began to love her, each of them wanted to be her chosen one. The competition between them grew every day. Shital not to hurry with the choice, but does not drive them away, but only coquettishly plays with them.

Or maybe she likes each of them in their own way? Because of the constant rivalry, the heroes of the film constantly incur absurd troubles and get into funny stories. But perseverance they do not hold, painfully beautiful Shital. They, each in their own way, with great diligence continue to seek her hands and hearts, no matter what. Which of them are more lucky? Who would she prefer? And who in the final will be her chosen one?


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Nawabzaade (2018)

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Nawabzaade (2018)

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