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Pass Over (2018)

Pass Over (2018) The plot of the film "Pass Over" unfolds on the stage, equipped under the usual street and behind the action, which is watched with interest by people from the auditorium. On the scene, two dark-skinned guys come out who did not know each other at all until this meeting. Young people begin to conduct a casual conversation about this and that, remembering the funny stories that happened to them. During the conversation, the interlocutors do not pay attention to the barely discernible auditorium of people who have been watching the children all this time.

Young people, sitting on a bench, continue to talk, telling each other about their plans for life, which are actually useless and not feasible. Communicating, they understand that the guys can realize their potential only when they leave their native, but, alas, unfavorable region. And then one of the interlocutors offers a new friend his plan for their realization in this life, not even suspecting that the comrade will have to be persuaded to accept the fateful decision in his life ...


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Pass Over (2018)

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Pass Over (2018)

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