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Zero (2018)

Zero (2018) All people on the planet can be divided into several types of appearance, and not each of them causes approval from the environment. Some people try to bypass the representatives of low growth. Especially it concerns some girls who mock at such shorties. Despite this, dwarfs can be very attractive suitors who can beautifully look after girls. That's why in their environment, you can often see slender tall beauties. Not always a person's growth plays a big role in his life success. The protagonist is just such a young man who from birth was different in individual growth. Despite this, he likes to spend his time with typical beauties.

Any girl pushes a small height to the background when she finds herself in the center of the beautiful courtship of this gentleman. The protagonist is not in a hurry to bind his life with marriage, so he is satisfied with fleeting romantic relationships for the sake of satisfaction. For him, this relationship is a kind of game that can guarantee an exciting leisure and nothing more. In his entourage are the sexiest girls of the city, who are crazy about this mod. So it could go on and on, if not for real love, which suddenly burst into the life of the main character.


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Zero (2018)

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Zero (2018)

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