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The Goldfinch (2019) Theodore Decker had everything he could in his short life. Loving and beloved mother, friends, good grades in school. One day, Theo asked his mother to take him on a tour of the famous Metropolitan Museum in New York. Admire the beautiful works of art, they did not know about the impending misfortune. Overnight there was an explosion, and people were buried under the remains of the collection. Theo was lucky - he managed to survive, almost without getting injured. But his mother died from the wounds she received on the spot, and besides, it was she who covered him with her body. Miraculously alive, Decker has been trying for some time to realize what is happening. And now, an elderly antiquary, who also fell under the rubble, asks the boy to take the masterpiece with him when he gets out of the museum. The fateful picture of the brush of Fabricius himself remains for Teo as a reminder of the terrible day, but she also helps him remember his mother. She completely changes the boy's life. Ahead he has to go through adoption, go on a journey and quite by chance find himself in the center of a shady business.

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