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Malevolent (2018) Mrs. Green bluntly informs Jackson that they've failed and she believes them to be scam artists. Jackson starts seeing things himself, and finally decides to abandon the job after Mrs. Green hints she was involved in the girls' murder. Attempting to flee the house, they find Beth, the technician and Jackson's girlfriend, has gone missing. Jackson eventually finds Beth unconscious, her mouth sewn shut. Attempting to drive away from the house with the others, Jackson crashes the car, killing Beth.

Herman, alive and hiding in the East Wing, collects Jackson from the accident. Mrs. Green, disappointed over Jackson's shyster act, sews his mouth shut before ordering Herman to take him to the shed and kill him. Angela is captured by Herman on his way back to the house.

Elliot arrives as Mrs. Green begins to sew Angela's mouth shut and he manages to kill Herman. As Mrs Green, enraged, attacks the weakened Elliot, the spirits of the dead girls appear. Angela pleads with them to help, and they begin to scream, distracting Mrs. Green long enough for Angela to free herself and kill Mrs. Green. Limping to the road to find help, Angela sees Jackson's ghost searching for Beth before wandering away. Angela collapses as passersby stop to help her.

Angela and Elliot are brought to the hospital for treatment. On the phone to her grandfather, Angela tells him, "I'm not alone" as a dark shadow passes over her.


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Malevolent (2018)

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Malevolent (2018)

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