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Better Off Zed (2018) Suddenly, a terrible tragedy occurred on earth, leading to irreversible processes. As a result of the changes in the earth's crust, zombies began to roam around the earth, they were not averse to having dinner with human flesh. Seeing the next victim, they pounce on her and fearlessly kill, performing their ritual. The couple, who was at the epicenter of the events, was forced to close in their own home. Every day they have to adapt to new living conditions. They realized that leaving the house will become another victim of zombies. They were in mortal danger. But the spouse could not sit back and look at everything that happens. She decided to take certain actions to change the situation. She could not sit shut up and very often missed the old way of life. She wanted, as before, to communicate with her neighbors, to walk through the city and noisy streets. As for her husband, he is convinced quite the opposite. He believes that the events that occurred were not accidental. Beloved spouse sure that someone controls earthlings. He decides to exterminate some of them. Monsters are much smaller. Only one unpleasant event overshadowed their home.

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