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Friday's Child (2018)

Friday's Child (2018) An orphan who grew up without parents and under the constant control of a foster family goes into the adult world as soon as he is eighteen. The guy believes that all the problems he has, only the consequences of transitional age, and you just need to find your calling. He is surprised to learn that coming of age is not a reason to grow. Nothing changes, except that now it is surrounded by a lot more dangers than under the roof of the guardians' house. But the guy does not lose heart - now he has his own way.

Curve path enthralls imperceptibly. It all starts with simple hooliganism, and ends with petty crimes. They don’t live on the streets of a big city, they survive and the achievement of goals is sometimes very dubious. Left to himself and completely uncontrolled, the young man makes a series of mistakes, but at the same time he meets an unexpected friend. And it reveals in it, and in itself, amazing sides - after all, it is much easier to succumb to the temptations of dark city streets than to resist.


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Friday's Child (2018)

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Friday's Child (2018)

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