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Perfect (2018) Russian drama thriller, in which we learn what a person is ready to go for love and what can be hidden behind real feelings. In the center of events are two girls. Two opposites, two dissimilar fates, two different world views and difficulties. Their lives have nothing in common except one - one for two is love. The strength of their feelings is so great that neither the first nor the second was ready to give up what lived in their heart. However, life itself put everything in its place and fate chose to deprive the girls of the opportunity to choose - to stay or leave. The guy dies, and with it the hope that at least one of the lovers will find his happiness with him. The severity of the loss does not let the poor go. Everything is aggravated even more when strange messages of not ambiguous character from a certain stranger begin to come to both girls. By all indications, it can only be a lost beloved, because what the invisible interlocutor describes, all the details and moments - everything points to the dead love that has long rested in the earth. Opponents will become comrades and go far to the south in order to reveal the secret of the sender and their whole life. They have to understand who their beloved was, what lies behind the veil of past years and realize who they are and what is the point in general?

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