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First We Take Brooklyn (2018) The hero led a difficult life and constantly got involved in various adventures. And due to the fact that he led a rather irresponsible life, it soon played a cruel joke with him. He broke the law and went to jail. The court handed down the sentence as a life sentence, which meant that he could never again be released and tried to correct. He did not like this state of affairs at all, and he dreamed of going free and was even ready to make an escape. Only he was lucky and the law on his imprisonment was changed, and therefore the man was free and could change everything.
Now he hoped to improve his life for the better, and for this he throws everything and goes to his uncle, where he plans to start a new life. Only now it’s not so easy for criminals to abandon the past and start life from scratch, so it’s not surprising that very soon he gets into an unpleasant company and gets involved in adventures that threaten to end with imprisonment, even though he tried to avoid it at any cost. What is waiting for the guy ahead and will he be able to avoid payout this time, or will his stupidity only lead to the fact that he still spends the rest of his days behind bars?

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