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Daughter of Mine (2018)

Daughter of Mine (2018) My daughter is Laura Bispuri to direct my daughter. Born in Rome in 1977, Bispuri after graduating in Cinema at La Sapienza University in 2010 made her first feature film Passing Time, awarded with the David di Donatello and selected as one of the best international shorts by the Académie des César. Biondina, her next short, won instead a Silver Ribbon for the best emerging talent. In 2015, the director made her debut with the feature film Virgin sworn who, after being presented at the Berlin Film Festival, was welcomed in another 80 festivals around the world and received several awards (from the Nora Ephron Prize of the Tribeca Film Festival to Golden Globe).

At the center of my daughter there are the dynamics between three different female figures: Vittoria, Angelica and Tina.

Vittoria is a ten-year-old girl looking for her own story and the mother she belongs to. Little by little he reconstructs the pieces of his existence discovering unexpected truths and comparing himself with two different models of motherhood. By learning to accept the differences between her two strange mothers, she will understand that she is the result of both, without distinguishing between those who gave birth and who raised her.

Angelica is a woman who would never have thought of being a mother. The moment he risks losing everything, for the first time he starts thinking about his daughter who has always lived only three kilometers from her. Angelica would like to teach Victory what life is and what dust, blood and wind are. It pushes her to confront her fears to learn how to win them. Although he thought it impossible, he discovered that he loved his daughter and was reciprocated, finally knowing the meaning of true love, after spending a lifetime trying to find him.

Tina, on the other hand, thinks she is the perfect mother. His love is sincere, made of daily efforts, pleasant habits, growth, sweetness, education and tenderness. He believes that nothing can ruin the deep bond he has with Vittoria and is convinced that Angelica will finally go away forever. Suddenly, however, he sees his balance threatened. Fearing of losing her daughter, she desperately tries to deny the truth about her birth but the situation forces her to face her own demons and ultimately accept that she is not the perfect mother and the complex personality of Vittoria.


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Daughter of Mine (2018)

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Daughter of Mine (2018)

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