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Private Life (2018)

Private Life (2018) “Private life” is a funny and at the same time sad story about a married couple, Richard and Rachel. For many years they have been desperately trying to conceive a child, but nothing comes of it. They are both over forty, the biological clock is ticking, and the chance of becoming parents decreases every year.

They tried and tried all possible methods, from artificial insemination to adoption. But the problem was not solved. The mad pursuit of the continuation of the race does not have a very good effect on their marriage. Constant disagreements lead to the fact that it is time for them not only to think about the child, but also to save the family.

The doctor convinces Rachel to use the donor egg, but she is not sure that she wants to become a mother in this way.

Everything changes when their spouse Sadie suddenly appears in the spouses' house, and they let her stay with her. It completely turns their lives around and makes them look at the sore problem from a different angle.


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Private Life (2018)

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Private Life (2018)

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