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My Husband's Secret Wife (2018)

My Husband's Secret Wife (2018) In the thriller directed by Tamar Halpern, "My Husband's Secret Wife Online," the young wife will have to reveal far from innocuous secrets of her faithful. The lovely Avery (Helena Mattsson, "The Seven Psychopaths") is happy - she recently married the handsome Alex (Josh Kelly, "Unreal Bachelor"). Unfortunately, soon the woman finds out that the hubby already has another little wife - Melanie (Briana Evigan, "Longmayr"). The naive simpleton warns the opponent about deceit. But the imaginary victim tries to kidnap Avery's son and end forever the rival.

A worthy deed of the heroine is rewarded with double betrayal. But the strangeness of a guy who married two women, this is not exhausted. When it came to kidnapping and murder, new questions and details came to the surface. Had the heroine quieter, she would not have been able to find out that she had made a baddie to get the opportunity to conclude two official marriages at the same time. How did Alex go around the system, which reliably protects from such situations from the legal and tax sides?


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My Husband's Secret Wife (2018)

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My Husband's Secret Wife (2018)

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