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The Road Movie (2016)

The Road Movie (2016) Avery is a brave and very talented photojournalist who travels all over the world, making great and very exciting pictures. Despite all the dangers, a woman always tries to be in the thick of things, because this is an ideal opportunity to make another portion of quality photos. During her long career, the heroine managed to travel half the world, to visit many hot spots and countless times to risk their own lives. For their efforts and persistence Avery was even awarded an honorary award. She, as a true professional of her business, never refuses calls and always goes to where you can make high-quality pictures.

Once Avery gets interesting information from his friend and leaves for the impenetrable jungles of Colombia. The women's companions on a difficult journey are a group of missionaries led by a certain Guillermo. His people are dressed in military uniform, and with them they have weapons. Together with Avery, the so-called missionaries, wishing to organize a coup in the country, go a long way. Suddenly, the heroine becomes witness to how Guillermo commits a crime. She even manages to make some compromising pictures, only now the recent fellow travelers arrange a real hunt for her.


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The Road Movie (2016)

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The Road Movie (2016)

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