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Eva (2018)

Eva (2018) Promising writer Bertrand is working hard on a new work. Advance for the play has long been received, and the customer requires to provide him with the result of the work, but capricious inspiration refuses to visit the young playwright. Suddenly, he meets an elderly prostitute named Eve. Their long acquaintance left Bertrand with pleasant impressions, and he offers to resume meetings. Outwardly cold and inaccessible, after payment this woman is ready to realize any fantasies of her employer, than it drives many men crazy. But what would happen if she herself fell in love with one of her clients? The thought of a new plot for a love story suddenly comes to the writer's head.

He is trying to achieve the maximum location of the courtesan, trying to conquer it with his courtship and pleasant surprises. Scenes from their relationship are transferred to paper, becoming part of the work, and ideas from the novel are intertwined into reality. The bold plan was almost crowned with success, but the customer needs a sensation. He wants to see an unexpected and shocking reader's denouement. For the sake of the most important drama in his life, a writer decides on an effective ending of his love story.


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Eva (2018)

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Eva (2018)

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