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First Man (2018) It is very difficult to defeat yourself, to achieve true greatness in the eyes of millions of people and to remain in the history of mankind, like the very first person. This film is a novelty in the world of American dramatic cinema and continues the line of biographical films in the modern filing. Director Damien Shazell will show us the backstage of the grandiose achievement, will show what it's like to go to the top of the peaks. How many polyhedral things can seem to hide behind a long act in a second, but this second will be decisive and truly great! It's about the famous spaceship Apollo 11 and its unchanged captain Neil Armstrong. Even the youngest schoolboy knows that it was Neil Armstrong who became the very first person to step onto the surface of the moon. His team also excelled in this mission and each of the crew members turned into a true legend of the world scale. But all this melted before the titanic efforts and labor that these people were putting to make this first step on Earth's satellite. The audience will see what glory cost to Mr. Armstrong, how it all began and how it ended.

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