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Death of a Nation (2018)

Death of a Nation (2018) The painting carries a historical and political agenda, talking about the opposition of the Democrats and Republicans and the legal field of the United States. The creators of the picture draw attention to the fact that now the Democrats are persistently "stoking" the US President Donald Trump. Right around here would be appropriate joke that the rating of the film, too, they broke, but alas - the reviews of the journalists speak for themselves. For example, the columnist The Hollywood Reporter noted that Death of Nation "is tedious and repetitive." David Erlich of IndieWire called the film as "a collection of the best neocon conspiracy theories." In general, the authors write that the tape has little to do with reality.

Recently, this is the second film that was destroyed by the press. In mid June, a similar fate befell the "Code of Gotti" (Gotti) with John Travolta in the title role. The painting, by the way, will reach Russian cinemas in August.


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Death of a Nation (2018)

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Death of a Nation (2018)

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