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Trouble Is My Business (2018)

Trouble Is My Business (2018) Roland Drake is a private American detective who works in Los Angeles. The time of the movie "Trouble Is My Business" - this is the post-war period, 1947, when the city was in full power of criminals and corrupt police officers who covered these criminals. It was necessary to have talent, connections and perseverance in order to search for truth in such conditions, and even to find it. Roland Drake had the first, the second, and the third, so it's no surprise that he used a certain fame.

It is not surprising that one day a fate knocked at the door of a fatal woman knocked at his door. This woman threw him another riddle - and soon itself turned into it. And now the detective needs to do what he knows best - to solve the problem. True, to begin with, he still needs to determine what the problem is.

And now this answer is thrown by another woman, the sister of the disappeared - she is looking not only for her missing father, but also for something else. And do not hesitate to use weapons!


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Trouble Is My Business (2018)

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Trouble Is My Business (2018)

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