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Paper Year (2018)

Paper Year (2018) A couple of newlyweds Dan and Frannie are in an unfamiliar atmosphere, strikingly different from the ideas of cohabitation. Behind the passionate love, romantic dates, a noisy wedding celebration, a honeymoon. Begin severe family everyday life, literally full of everyday concerns and everyday troubles. Frannie and Dan get out of the usual bachelor atmosphere under the icy shower getting rid of rainbow illusions.

Young spouses are faced with a whole set of tests and difficulties of legal marriage. Freshly baked family tries to establish a completely different relationship and preserve the past feelings. Two lovers are going to celebrate their first anniversary of marital history. The most difficult and unexpected year is called a paper wedding. Over the past months, a series of events have taken place that changed their fates after the marriage.

Franny suddenly finds a decent job, where he ties up a service romance with a nice colleague. The girl experiences contradictory experiences and is at a crossroads, not knowing how to act in the current situation. The difficult period is overcome with a lot of disappointments and finding new duties in relation to a loved one.


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Paper Year (2018)

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Paper Year (2018)

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