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Euphoria (2018) Can love be stronger than death? Quite an extraordinary question, the answer to which the main characters of the German drama "Euphoria" are looking for. If you read the slogan of the film - "It's never too late to choose love" - you can imagine the finale of the film, but not everything is as simple as it might seem initially. In the center of the plot are native sisters who have not seen for many years. Inez comes to Emilia at her request, although she does not understand what prompted her to arrange a meeting after a long separation. However, she was never satisfied with their disagreement, so she agrees without thinking. Sister immediately begins to seem to the girl some inexplicably mysterious. Strange reasoning and Emilia's thoughtful look only strengthen Inez's suspicions. The puzzle forms in a single picture after they, having made a small trip across Europe, come to a mysterious mansion, located somewhere in the middle of the Swedish forests. The sisters are met by several people dressed in strange hoodies. Surprise Ines gives way to a shock when she finds out that there is a hospice for rich clients. It turns out that Emilia is mortally sick and chose this place not for short-term rest, but for farewell to life. And now the heroine faces a difficult choice - to support her sister or try to dissuade her.

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