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A Simple Favor (2018) Do not promise to fulfill even the most innocent, it would seem, request, if you do not know for sure what it can turn out for you and for the people around you. A new criminal American-style criminal thriller from Paul Fig, acting director, producer and screenwriter overnight, will catch you alive, allow you to plunge into mysterious and, sometimes mysterious events, get out of which is possible only if you have a cold mind, sharpness and A risky character capable of responding at any moment to the impending danger properly. Talented and beautiful actress Blake Lively plays the main character of the film, which is called Stephanie. Living in a small, but very kind and cozy town, at first glance, her life does not seem special. She leads a steady pace of life and works for herself. Stephanie is a young mommy and blogger who works on the Internet and is basically happy with her way of life. However, everything changes when her closest friend comes to her with a request that can not be refused, because the simplicity of her performance speaks for itself. Stephanie, without a long thought, agrees to perform an innocent service. Unexpectedly for everyone, the girlfriend disappears. No traces, no witnesses. Sean's husband is also dumbfounded and intends to by all means find the missing wife. Stephanie, too, does not want to leave everything to the mercy of fate. The two heroes have to untangle a ball of secrets and secrets before they know the depth of the eerie ghostly unknown ...

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