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Mississippi Requiem (2018) The plot of the dramatic history of "Requiem for Mississippi", returns to the monstrous times, the beginning of the twentieth century, the American community, faced with racial discrimination. This shameful period for America divided the people into two irreconcilable camps, where people from the African continent turned out to be real outcasts, undergoing constant humiliation, oppression by fellow citizens with fair skin. Dark-skinned representatives of the society, felt a particular infringement, because they were considered second-rate people, which caused quite tough protests. There were brave souls who desperately tried to uphold the rights of undeservedly humiliated brothers, but the political system exerted all protestant protests by applying force methods to instigators. The humiliated minority, often doomed to eternal persecution, accusing of unreal crimes, under the far-fetched pretext of sending for a lattice. A special cynicism of the situation unfolded in the southern states, where the white Americans, believing in their impunity, organized horrific massacres of unfortunate, defenseless neighbors, guilty of only a different shade of skin.

Particularly indicative is the case when an ordinary guy, an African American, fellow villagers was accused of a tough crime, trying to prove that the young man raped an innocent girl. Only with the words of the innocent victim came out - it was this "creature" that committed a terrible unlawful action. Although the hero tried to justify himself in every possible way, the people around him had long ago issued a verdict. The last hope for an unbiased, fair trial, but the townspeople came out with the only demand for a judge - the death penalty.

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