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Animal (2018) Youth is a very glorious time, a period when many young talents seem. That they are simply created for glorious achievements and any business they can do, regardless of the complexity of the proposed project. The four boys of their crime-drama thriller "Animal", always spent time together from the earliest childhood. Together, they moved in together daily to school, at least, so their parents assumed, while the children cheerfully roamed the city blocks on stolen fences and bicycles. Then they grew up and their pranks acquired completely different biases, because this team was not in vain afraid of children living in neighboring neighborhoods. Often adolescents embarked on comic robbery, pulling out of the stores favorite sweeties, or taking away from passers-by children school breakfasts. And they did not do all this not because they did not have enough food or parental education, this four just liked to deliver a lot of trouble to others. So these scoundrels were established in society, feeling a tide of particular pride in their own desperately brave deeds.
Time inexorably flew, and misdemeanors turned into not good, evil deeds, then flowing into crimes for which the time was already shining. And in all the actions of the fragile boys, it was possible to foresee the influence of the cinema, from which all four were crazy. They with the greatest pleasure looked exclusively criminal pictures with set of artful insidious crimes, giving special preference to robberies. Growing up on such stories, the guys felt the constant presence of adrenaline, imagined themselves as robbers, and when they grew up becoming stately young people, they despaired of the most daring robbery, wanting to acquire fame and money at the same time.

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