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The Insult (2017) Lebanon. Our days. The local Christian Tony and his neighbor from the lower floor, the Palestinian Yasir, come into conflict. The fact is that Tony in the film "Insult" accidentally flooded his neighbor's apartment and, as a result, a fight erupted, which turned into mutual insults. Of course, after hearing humiliating and unprintable curses in his address, Tony could not stand the humiliation and sued Yasir. In turn, Yasir also briefly lodged a lawsuit against a carefree neighbor who caused irreparable harm to the property of a man.

However, during the trial both were even more humiliated by the judges, who believed that the Muslim Yasser was simply to kill the unfaithful Christian Tony. This statement by the judges is a real shock for men who after the meeting decide to withdraw their claims, but, alas, it's too late, since the ubiquitous media are starting to maximize the scandal between a Christian and a Muslim, exacerbating the already tense situation between people of different faiths in the country….

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