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Alex & Me (2018)

Alex & Me (2018) Reagan Wills can hardly tolerate the society of his parents. Father and mother constantly repeat about how beautiful their oldest son is, and how far he will go in life. For days she only hears conversations about Ben's future. What is it worth to accept an offer to him, where should he go to study and what talented boy will eat for breakfast. The girl perfectly understands the parents, because in the family it is her brother who is considered the main star. He plays in a local baseball team and the whole city is proud of his young athlete. He is even called the best player ever in the district.

Reagan herself adores football and plays in the school girl's team. She already has a lot of cups and awards for achievements in sports, but all this does not impress her parents. Every morning the little girl talks to a poster, which depicts her idol. Alex Morgan is one of the best footballers of the country and her role model. When a new boy appears in the classroom, all the girlfriends think that Reagan will fall in love with him to the ears and abandon his hobby for football. But instead, she is moving more actively toward her goal, because soon she will have trials in the youth team. She is very worried, but one day a real miracle happens - Alex leaves the poster and begins to help the girl not only to train, but to solve many vital problems.


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Alex & Me (2018)

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Alex & Me (2018)

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