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Donbass (2018) War is always terrible. And sometimes, it is capable of killing not only the bodies, but also burning the souls of the unfortunate by its flame. And then, having lost the last opportunity to be called a man, driven only by the desire to experience something, the soldier becomes seriously dangerous. After all, when only a pile of ashes remains from the soul, it is impossible to influence, to gain mercy or to agree. You can only fight, hoping that you will be lucky enough to leave alive.

Colonel Kurtz is one of the heroes of Vietnam. Through his actions, he repeatedly saved the lives of subordinates and never retreated before the danger. Awarded with high government honors, he had to return home and take one of the vacant seats on the board. But, something inexplicable turned him away from his own country. No, he did not become a defector.

The officer, with the help of the most devoted to him people, created his own world. It rules in which violence and death. Realizing that such a circumstance could seriously undermine the already shaky authority of America in the world community. Command takes an ambiguous decision. They direct their best scout, suffering from post-traumatic stress, into the wild jungles of Cambodia. His mission is to find and eliminate the new dictator.

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