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U - July 22 (2018)

U - July 22 (2018) The film "U - July 22" shows the audience the events that took place in the summer of 2011 on the Norwegian island. 18-year-old Kaya and her younger sister Emily come to a youth camp to participate in the conference. The girls plan to have fun surrounded by nature on the beach and meet new people. But a casual quarrel spoils the impression of rest. Emily flies in anger to the other side of the island, and Kaya understands that the girl can get into trouble, being in an unfamiliar place. In search of her sister, the girl departs from the camp for a decent distance. It is at this moment that the first shots are heard.

Kaya decided that these are ordinary fireworks. But the desperate cries of people make her look back. The girl sees an armed terrorist, mercilessly shooting civilians, who settled on the shore in small groups. Fearing that Emily may be among the victims of the aggression of an unknown man, Kaya quickly returns to the epicenter of events. But, the closer it approaches, the more terrible the picture appears before her eyes. The waters turned red from the blood spilled by the victims of Breivik. The offender finishes the survivors with the butt of his rifle. To see what is happening in the eyes of the witness of the crime, see the film "U - July 22".


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U - July 22 (2018)

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U - July 22 (2018)

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