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Irumbu Thirai (2018) Kathiravan manages to apprehend a loan agent who had similar terms to Kathiravan's loan agen in order to extradite some information. He gets a phone call from a mysterious number who tells Kathiravan to release him. That person reveals all details about Kathiravan and even threatens him that the private audio and video in his sister phone will be released on the Internet. Upon hearing this Kathiravan gets shocked and decides to leave that guy but the guy is fatally hit by a van. The mysterious person warns Kathiravan over the phone and cuts the call. The mysterious person is later revealed to be Sathyamoorthy aka White Devil, a mysterious cyberterrorist. White Devil is the kingpin of Dark Net with an aim is to know the information of every person in the country. He runs an educational trust named Amara Jothi Institutions and cons people from all walks of life who are in need of money. Kathiravan through various methods gets to know about the next victim conned by the same agent and confronts him. He also comes to know that how White Devil blocked Bank messages with the help of hacking. When Kathiravan finally confronts Sathyamoorthy in a ceremony where he is felicitated by UNICEF reveals that he knew that Kathiravan was following him since he was captured on a selfie posted on Facebook and attacks his sister through his strong networks. Sathyamoorthy also tells Kathiravan that he put 10 Lakhs to his account which was used by terrorist groups. Kathiravan afterwards is court martialed and is dismissed from his post. Since Kathiravan is dismissed he with the help of Rathi Devi tracks White Devil's men and, through hacking, transfers Tamil Nadu Police's Money into his account. At a dock where the two finally engage in a fist fight. Sathyamoorthy burns the money thinking that the money will never be repaid now but to his astonishment the money which Sathyamoorthy burnt was the Minister's money whom which Sathyamoorthy struck a deal with. All the people who were conned by Sathyamoorthy come to know about the theft through messages which have been unblocked. Kathiravan leaves Sathyamoorthy and then blends in with the crowd. Sathyamoorthy is arrested by the police creates a new username named Dark Angel implying that he will return.

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