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Destination Wedding (2018) The main characters of Lindsay and Frank were destined to meet at the wedding. The heroine was invited to an important event to her ex, and the hero to a stepbrother. Frank can not stand a relative, his brother just annoys him. Lindsay wanted to observe how everything would go on and wanted to understand that she had not lost anything. Two heroes meet in an airplane, then in a taxi and even at a table. They understand that this coincidence is not very similar. They pull each other like a magnet. This circumstance reaches the point of absurdity, and a smile involuntarily appears on the face. The heroes even managed to draw conclusions about this. Such persecution turned into irritability. And then the most crucial moment begins - a wedding! How can the heroes stay here for so long, they already hated each other. They already managed to say a lot of offensive words, which threatened to turn into a real scandal. As they say, from hatred to love, one step, which happened with the protagonists. Wonderful weather, the ocean, snow-white beaches and solemn atmosphere have done their job. And then, as luck would have it, the young people quarreled a bit, but this should not be allowed. Lindsay and Frank started to work. They found the right words for their convictions, and the newlyweds smiled again ...

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