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Gareth Jones (2018) The film "Gareth Jones" tells of high ideals and a great goal, which in practice turn into a bloody nightmare. In the courtyard of 1933, the Soviet Union confidently goes to the victory of world communism, uniting under its slogans the proletarians of all countries. Joseph Stalin is trying to build a superpower, where citizens will have equal rights and freedoms, confidently look into the bright tomorrow. The country recently experienced a civil war and subsequent devastation, and only begins to recover, while striking the entire civilized world with outstanding achievements. However, the ideology turns out to be greatly inflated, and the GPU bodies vigilantly struggle with enemies, sometimes imaginary, fueling a wave of political repression.

In this difficult period, a journalist from Wales, Gareth Jones, arrives in Moscow. The guy expects to create another report and in search of material gets acquainted with his colleague Ada Brooks, who has long been living in the Union. The girl tells the ubiquitous Englishman about the true state of affairs. Penetrated by the situation Gareth creates a unique article that reveals the true essence of the welfare of the Soviet people. Watch the movie "Gareth Jones" and find out that the GPU is determined to close the mouth of the idle reporter.

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